Total Area: 19018 ha
Total Forest Cover: 0 ha
Total Agricultural Land: 0 ha
Highest Elevation: 213m ASL
Lowest Elevation: 12m ASL

Annual Rainfall: 1900 mm
Temperature: 25c
Number of Typhoons: 4/year

Population: 999
Provinces: 1

Establish wireless sensor networks that generate real-time information
Establish networks of permanent biodiversity monitoring plots (BMPs)
Assess the interrelations of watershed and ecosystem services with human and natural factors
Develop and/or validate models and tools on hydrology and land allocation
Develop an information-management system that synthesizes data from the watershed networks into real-time spatial estimates of water balance, sediment yield, flood and landslide risks, and other key information
Develop culture of research among graduate and undergraduate students in watershed management and allied fields
Build capacity of local government units, schools and other stakeholders for watershed monitoring and use of watershed information and empirical databases in planning and decision making
Generate data and information that will feed into related projects
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